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Dressing & Style Tips:: What it takes to be well dressed
Relaxed well dressed multicultural business team - some sitting - some standng

What we wear has a profound effect on how people perceive us and the way we are perceived affects the way we are treated. So what we wear ultimately will affect our confidence and ability to communicate effectively and build relationships with people in different situations. It is therefore critical that we dress to ensure our success and achieve a positive impact with every encounter we have. The secret to successful dressing for both men and women is simply to wear clothes that:

• Complement our natural coloring (skin tone, hair and eye color)
• Balance your build and proportions
• Match your personality
• Match the occasion, environment and audience
• Stay up to date

M2 Image Consulting provides coaching to individuals and runs corporate seminars and workshops to ensure that the best image is always projected to achieve a positive impact in every situation. First impressions really do count and once made they will go on to influence subsequent impressions. That’s why it is important to invest in our personal packaging and ensure we get it right the first time.

A private consultation would give you the opportunity to explore every aspect of your personal image and focus on areas where change and improvement is required. We take into account physical characteristics, lifestyle, personality, budget, work environment and job role to identify the clothes that work. For example when dressing for body shape, a female with a curvy/hour glass shape would look better in fitted or semi-fitted tops and jackets to show off the waist line, emphasizing her best features. On the other hand, loose and baggy clothes add the appearance of bulk and excess weight.

A group workshop would explore aspects of personal image in a group setting and we add value to the organization by training the employees on the skills of impression management – how to project an appropriate and professional image, developing their self confidence and reinforcing the corporate brand and values of the organization. Topics covered could include professional grooming and dress codes, how to coordinate a work wardrobe and using colors effectively for maximum impact as well as business etiquette

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