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Whatever you do and whoever you are, image matters. How you present yourself to others will make or break your chances of success. A staggering fifteen seconds is all it takes to form a first impression. People are consistently evaluating you as soon as they meet you. Once impressions are formed, they are difficult to change. It is therefore important to form the right impressions the first time because you may not get a second chance. Whether you are going for an interview, recently promoted, in a new job, or retiring, how you present yourself will make a difference.

At M2 Image Consulting, we work with individuals closely in a private consultation, to create personal branding.   

It is all about how you want to be remembered when you leave the room - the person with poise, confidence and style or the sloppy, disorganized, non-assertive individual.

To help enhance your personal effectiveness, we address specific image matters such as:

  • Personal grooming
  • Wearing and coordinating the right colours for the greatest impact
  • Make up – professional techniques for a natural look
  • Developing the right style for you based on your natural colouring, personality, body shape, lifestyle and budget.
  • Wardrobe management – trimming down your wardrobe to work for you
  • Social/business/dining etiquette – the protocols for etiquette in the social, business or dining environment
  • Communicating effectively with your body language

An image consultation is all about YOU. It offers the opportunity to reflect on your personal image and focus on areas where change and improvement is desired. You are unique, so the consultation will not only take into account your physical characteristics, but also your lifestyle, personality, budget, working environment and job role. By taking time to fully understand your individual style and preferences, a consultant will teach you techniques to stand out from the crowd.

Full image consultations on appearance covering grooming, colour and style will last 4-5 hours. At the end, you receive an Image Profile outlining your own colour and body line characteristics. Recommendations to enhance your image and style would be given so you can immediately make positive changes.     

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