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Companies attach great significance to corporate brand and identity. Equally important is the image and personal branding of employees - the ambassadors to your company. Everyone from the receptionist to senior management is a company representative. How they present themselves can send an immediate and lasting impression, either positive or negative, to every client, prospect or colleague.

Our corporate training programs help develop effective, professional and motivated employees through a greater understanding of the power of personal image. We add value to organizations by training employees on the skills of impression management - how to project a professional and confident image as well as how to reinforce the corporate brand and values of an organization.

Program Benefits:

When your employees project an appropriate and professional image, they will feel good and confident, creating a positive and lasting impression on everyone they meet. It is a communication skill that will enhance personal effectiveness and impact when interacting with people and ultimately improve work relationships and performance. Image and business etiquette training will enhance:

    • Self Confidence
    • Team work
    • Customer relationships
    • Productivity
    • Effectiveness of other programs (e.g. leadership, communication skills)

Popular topics, program approach and format:

Each program is customized and developed in consultation with clients to meet company objectives. We have a network of experts so clients get the most practical and effective solutions.

Format of programs is flexible. It could include individual coaching to focus on areas where change and improvement is desired, group seminars lasting 1 to 2 hours to build general awareness and workshops lasting from ½ day and beyond, to create immediate impact and mindset change in the organization.

Programs are informative, enjoyable and practical.

Here are some examples of popular topics:
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Develop the right look and behavior, use image as a key communication skill to influence and impact others Learn business protocols, develop an awareness of the intricacies of business etiquette in today's business world and it's role in professional profile and personal impact Master dining etiquette so you can dine gracefully and manage business effectively at same time Positive behaviors and body language to help build rapport with others Professional grooming advice and dress codes to give you that edge Communicating and networking effectively in the workplace Preparing employees for new careers through coaching on image and impact for interview