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PRESS RELEASE: Image and Impact at Interview
Image & Impact at Interview - young businessman

Are you looking for a new job? Want to ensure you create impact and are memorable and successful at interview?

This new program will build your confidence and assurance by combining guidance on personal presentation, body language, positive communications and an effective Curriculum vital.

More about ‘Image and Impact at Interview’ Coaching and Workshops
Being objective about ourselves can be difficult. It can be so much easier for an impartial expert to coach you through the steps you need to take to achieve your objective, helping you focus on relevant activities as you go. An expert consultant can provide professional observations on all aspects of your image and impact, helping you to prepare for interview or simply giving you increased confidence in your working life.

More about the Guide that comes with coaching and workshops
The Guide is a 24-page information-packed workbook which takes you through all aspects of image and impact at interview. It includes activities that can be completed with your consultant on an individual basis or in a workshop format.

What topics does the Guide/Coaching cover?
The Guide and Coaching/Workshop covers the following in the context of preparation for and attending an interview:

  • Personal image and impact
  • Writing an effective CV
  • Using body language positively
  • Communicating with influence
  • Business and interview etiquette

Who is it for?
Job applicants, university graduates, outplacement candidates

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